our Board of Directors

Jeff Summers - Chair

Lance Grady - Vice Chair

Tammy Underwood - Secretary

Angie Wettstein - Treasurer

Ryan Parker

Rich Raham

Allix Reich

Dan Teefey


The Organization Committee: Raises money for projects and administration; recruits and develops volunteers; promotes the ABC program; manages program finances. 

  • Fundraising

  • Public Relations

  • Volunteer Management

Beth Clark / Jill Wort - Organizational Committee Co-Chairpersons

The  Promotion Committee: Creates new image campaigns, retail promotions and special events; identifies and promotes our community's assets.

  • Special Events

  • Retail Promotions

  • Marketing

Donna Bemis - Promotional Committee Chairperson

The Pride Committee: Provides education and advice on the physical design of our community; deals with rules and policies.

  • Public Improvement (like the Tree Program)

  • Prive Reinvestment (like what's supported with the Mt. Sterling Facade Grant Program)

  • Design Education

Susie Stamerjohn - Pride Committee Chairperson

The Economic Development Committee:  Recruitment to and retention in our community; leaarns about our community's current economic condition.

  • Market Analysis

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Real Estate

Carolyn Ormond - Economic Development Committee Chairperson

The Community Health & Education Committee: In the spirit of the current ongoing work of the Brownn County Education and Health and Social Services Action Teams, supports education and health in our community.

  • Community Education

  • Health Education

Vacant - Community Health and Education Committee Chairperson

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